AardBoiled is a brand new YouTube channel for short, original, off-beat, animated comedy.

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The channel features a mix of brand new content from well-known creators and exciting new talent along with lesser-known gems from the Aardman back catalogue. The content has been selected by established Aardman directors, producers and content creators and is developed and managed by a team of VOD experts!

If you are making short, funny animations then you could be part of the AardBoiled family! Read on to find out more!


What is it?

AardBoiled is a YouTube channel that features a real variety of short, funny animations made by lots of different creators and is curated by the Academy Award winning Aardman studios in Bristol.

Who’s it for?

AardBoiled is for adults who enjoy funny animations.

Where do the animations come from?

The content on the channel is a mix of lesser-known gems from the Aardman archive, along with some brand new content from well-known creators and exciting new talent! The AardBoiled family is growing and we are always on the lookout for new creators to come on board.

Can I get involved?

Yes! If you are making funny animated content then your creations could be featured on the AardBoiled channel.

What’s the process?

There is an AardBoiled panel who review and select all the content that goes on the channel. At the moment the channel only features content from creators that we already know, but very soon we will be opening the net and taking submissions from the wider creative community. So watch this space for news on how to have your content considered for AardBoiled.

Who is on the AardBoiled panel?

The panel includes established Aardman directors, producers, content creators and our experienced YouTube channel managers.

What kind of content are you looking for?

The main criteria is that any content on the channel needs to be animated, and it needs to be unique, entertaining and above all funny! We are looking for animation that will appeal to an older audience and can be either a series or a one-off piece, created in any animation style or technique with a minimum duration of 30 seconds. Basically, we are looking for funny characters, interesting ideas and silly things that make us laugh.

Will I get creative feedback on my work?

We will contact all the creators following the quarterly content review session to confirm whether or not their content made the grade. The panel will endeavour to provide constructive feedback on all submissions however this cannot be guaranteed.

What’s the deal?

It’s a straight YouTube distribution deal between Aardman and the content creator, in which the creator retains full ownership of their work while granting rights for Aardman to distribute their content on YouTube for a period of 2 years. The creator is responsible for all the production costs, and Aardman is responsible for all the distribution costs, channel management and the marketing and PR of the AardBoiled channel.

Will I make any money?

Aardman has a contract with YouTube and collects revenue from advertising that features around our content on that platform. How much that is depends on how many times the content is viewed, how many of these views are monetised by Google, the ad formats and specific ad rates (which varies according to the time of day/year and where the content is viewed). The AardBoiled deal is a revenue share deal, so every quarter a report will be shared showing how much money has been made on your content. The revenue will be split between Aardman and the creator. In our experience, it takes time for a channel to gain momentum and start earning money, and the serious cash only starts rolling in after a video has millions of views. So you might not be able to retire just yet, but the chief purpose of AardBoiled is to develop new ideas, get exciting new content in front of an appreciative audience and to build a sustainable model for future development.

What are the benefits of my content being on AardBoiled?

There is so much content on YouTube and it can be really hard to make your content visible. We have a highly experienced team at Aardman who manage our successful global channels in-house and regularly liaise with our contacts at YouTube in numerous territories to ensure our content has the best chance of reaching its audience. Aardman is one of the best-loved animation studios in the world, and being part of the Aardman slate, AardBoiled will benefit from exposure to Aardman’s network of talent, links with the animation industry, media connections and our passionate global community of fans.

Who do I talk to?

If you’ve got any more questions, email AardBoiled@aardman.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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