Aardman and Nathan Love announce the creation of ‘Aardman Nathan Love’

ardman is thrilled to announce they will acquire a majority share in renowned New York based Animation company Nathan Love, bringing together two of the world’s most exciting animation studios.  The new company to be re-branded Aardman Nathan Love is a ground-breaking venture for the studio, signalling its first permanent production facility outside the UK and further establishes the company’s commitment to its advertising business.

Speaking of the decision to create a New York based company David Sproxton, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Aardman said “We’re so excited to welcome Nathan Love to the Aardman family. Teaming up with an existing company gives us the opportunity to hit the ground running and a solid base from which to grow. This venture is not about sending work back to the UK. It’s about building a new business in New York for American agencies and we feel we can do this more effectively by being there. Aardman’s vision is to be the most inspirational animation company in the World, in the eyes of its talent, partners and audiences, for generations to come. Aardman Nathan Love will allow us to expand this vision in the US”

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Peter Lord (left), Joe Burrascano (centre) and David Sproxton (right)

Nathan Love founded by Joe Burrascano in 2007 is one of the most respected animation production houses in New York. Nathan Love produce advertising for a number of high profile clients and brands including Kellogg’s, Kraft, Pepsi, NBC Universal and Nickelodeon.

On the decision to partner with Nathan Love, Heather Wright, Executive Producer of Partner Content at Aardman said, “Joe Burrascano and the team at Nathan Love bring a tremendous amount of new and exciting energy to the table.  They share our love of great craft, with a strong focus on character and storytelling, so our relationship is one of mutual respect.  As the worlds of advertising and content become increasingly intertwined, this partnership will give us the opportunity to develop longer format and interactive projects in the US.”

On partnering with Aardman, Joe Burrascano founder of Nathan Love said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled about joining the Aardman family.   The partnership feels very natural, our values and philosophy are closely aligned, and the potential for what we can do together is incredibly inspiring.  We hope agencies and clients will feel the same way, and that in working with us they will have access to a unique wealth of talent and storytelling experience.”

Full ANL from Aardman Nathan Love on Vimeo.

David Sproxton, Heather Wright and Joe Burrascano will be presenting ‘Creativity for the Heart and Soul’ at ADWEEK at 4pm on Wednesday 30th September at the Liberty Theatre, New York.  For more information about Aardman Nathan Love visit www.aardmannathanlove.com

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