Aardman develop creative Away Day Experience for Businesses

ardman have crafted a series of away day experiences to offer a creative solution for corporate training.

Team away days are a valuable way of developing strategy, improving communication and simply working together more effectively, making these sessions as inspiring as possible is key to the success of any training.

Aardman’s clay building workshops offer a truly unique experience and the provides participants with the opportunity to learn from expert model makers how to make world-famous Aardman characters and create a story around those characters.
Businesses can choose to focus on leadership, communication or team building, with the learning theory creatively woven into a fun day out of the office, playing with modelling clay and creating bespoke animations.

The workshops provide a creative and hands-on activity and are a great way for teams and organisations to celebrate and enjoy a day out together. With tailored sessions built to suit participating companies’ culture and business strategy, the Aardman Away Day promises an unforgettable experience.

Some recent away day attendees gave testimonial’s about their experience;

“It was a fantastic day and one of the best team days I think we’ve had. I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting up with such a noisy (and probably over-excitable) bunch of lawyers!”

“It was great that everyone had the opportunity to make models, and the Animate It! software was also very impressive. Thank you very much!”

“This course was great! I learnt so much and loved that the course was interactive, time went by so fast and we got to learn a lot within a short time frame.”

For more details about Aardman Away Days contact liveevents@aardman.com

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