Dancing on Ice Aardman

Aardman partners with ITV Creative for Dancing on Ice campaign

Aardman has teamed up with ITV Creative on a heart warming animation to promote the new series of Dancing on Ice.

Conceived by Creative Director Alex Mathieson, and directed by Aardman’s Will Studd, ‘Music Box’ uses live action and CGI to create the Christmas spot:

Set on Christmas Eve, a brother and sister are snuggled up for the night in their bedroom, with a lonely music box dancer on the window sill. Looking out over a snowy garden at two happy snowmen, posed in a dance, she looks sad and she wishes she could dance too. Suddenly a light comes on – it’s a curious spaceman action figure across the room. In a flurry of glitter and light the pair meet. They skate around the room effortlessly carving through the environment, over a bright glowing tablet, light rays project their shadows life-sized on the wall. They complete a series of complex moves that culminates in a huge plateau lift – the spaceman lifting the dancer high over his head as the pair pirouette together. Just then, mum comes in as she’s heard a disruption. She checks on her kids then turns out the lights. The ice dancers made it safely back to their respective perches just in time.

Will Studd comments: “We wanted our dancers to feel real, as though they had just come to life. Using CGI allowed us to create a really dynamic picture where we can be very close to these tiny characters and in the same context be innovative with light, as it plays an important role in the film.  The puppets have bold actions and chunky movements but smooth carving sequences on the ‘ice’ to make the characters feel more tangible.”

Using the same track as the show’s previous campaigns, ‘The Impossible Dream’ has been orchestrated in a music box style for the advert.

The Dancing on Ice promo launched on 1st December 2019 and has been building excitement for the forthcoming series of Dancing on Ice in the new year.

Go behind the craft with Director Will Studd here.

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