A Grand Way Out

In November 2022 we launched the first ever Wallace & Gromit themed escape room in partnership with Locked In A Room Bristol.

The 60 minute experience features a bespoke waiting area where visitors can immerse themselves in the Wallace & Gromit world whilst they wait to receive the narrative set up from a pompous local official:

With little over an hour until the village science fete and eager to show off his new invention, Wallace has forgotten the code to his workshop! With the help of Gromit, don the Memory-O-Matic helmet and take a trip down memory lane to help him remember it, before it’s too late!

The attraction takes visitors through a selection of classic Wallace & Gromit moments, challenging teams to work together to solve puzzles and help jog Wallace’s memory in order to find A Grand Way Out in time for Wallace to premiere his latest invention at the West Wallaby Street science fete.

Locked In A Room is the only UK Escape Room organisation with the unique opportunity for teams to compete alongside each other, with 3 versions of the Wallace & Gromit room available for teams to play in tandem from April 2023. This is the perfect competitive day out for work colleagues, friends and families, and the experience has proved hugely popular since launch, with weekend dates booked up for many months in advance. The Locked In A Room team hope to roll the experience out across their other UK venues as well as seeking 3rd party opportunities to install the attraction.

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