Treasured Projects - Gavin Strange

Treasured Projects: Gavin Strange

Inspired by the mighty Darren Dubicki, fellow Director & Designer at Aardman, I wanted to throw together a ‘sketchbook reel’ too. Similarly to Darren, I love creating things in all types of mediums, and this reel is a little snippet of that.

My work always starts as a static image – sometimes it stays that way if it’s a piece of graphic design or an illustration, other times it’s a jumping off point, a mood image or style frame becomes the building block of a moving image piece of work.

This short 90 sec edit features a bit of everything – photography, illustration, graphic design, characters – even music! I made the beat as I wanted the whole thing to be wholeheartedly ‘me’. There’s even a vocal sample of my 3-year-old son saying ‘Jam… Factory’, which is the alter ego I use to put out all of these different creations.

I’ve also been in love with a wide variety of styles, from moody monochromatic graphics to full-on eye popping neon characters. My sketchbook reel is a catalogue of work produced at work, out of work and at any hour in the day I can squeeze a bit of creativity out of!

Sometimes projects at Aardman are big affairs, with large numbers of hyper-talented individuals all working their magic. I love this process, there’s no better place to be than surrounded by clever folk, all working towards a common goal. On the other side of the spectrum, I equally love the self-contained solo ventures of making something on your own, and this reel is a big reflection of that.

Grab a cuppa, make it a quick one and enjoy 90 seconds of stuff for your eyeballs!

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