Storyboarding with Sam Horton via Zoom - 12th August 2020

12th Aug 2020

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Course Details

A one day storyboarding course, taught online via Zoom with Sam Horton. Cost: £100 + VAT


This one day Zoom course will give participants an overview of storyboarding for animation and will cover the process of boarding a show from a script brief all the way through to a finished animatic, ready for the studio floor at Aardman.

Attendees will work in groups to storyboard a sample script before pitching their boards to the group and receiving feedback.

The course will be a great opportunity for junior storyboard artists to improve their skills, as well as artists hoping to become a professional storyboarder.

On completion of the day, students will be able to access the Alumni Facebook page to stay up to date with opportunities, news and fellow alumni.


In the morning, students will be introduced to their tutor’s background and skills as well as each other. Pre-course day homework will then be evaluated, with particular examples given feedback and discussed with the class.

Students will learn how storyboarding works specifically within animation, followed by a step by step demonstration of how an Aardman script is brought from a brief all the way through to a studio-ready animatic.

In the afternoon, students will be divided into groups and using the skills and knowledge from the morning, they will work as a team to storyboard a short sample script.  Short one-on-one discussions will follow in which advice or feedback can be provided to as many attendees as possible, whilst the task is being undertaken. Once completed each group will then pitch their completed boards to the rest of the course attendees with feedback from the tutor.

This will provide students with practical experience of storyboarding a show. Further Q+A and advice can be provided to students, time permitting.

Who is it for?

The course has been designed for junior/revisionist storyboard artists looking to increase their skills, as well as individuals looking to start their first storyboarding job. Participants should have a basic knowledge of storyboarding and terminology, an ability to draw, as well as an interest in becoming a storyboarder professionally.


Wednesday 12th August 2020, 09:30-17:30

This course will be run via Zoom so participants can work from home. An invite will be sent out on the day.


£100 per person including VAT at 20% = £120. REGISTER NOW:


Participants will be asked to select a favourite film prior to the course and attempt to storyboard the whole film in only 6 panels. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage students to think critically about their selected film, and how they can most effectively tell their story visually.

Students will need to consider what to include, what to exclude and what is the clearest way to tell their story to an audience and send their completed board in 3 days prior to the course.

Press and testimonials

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Sam Horton

  Sam Horton is a storyboard artist with over ten years of experience within the animation industry. A degree in Film production has provided an unconventional path to working with the UK’s leading animation studios such as Aardman, Blue-Zoo and Jellyfish Pictures. Now boarding ‘The Epic Adventures of Morph’ Sam hopes to share the skills and advice that helped him along the way


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