Happy the Hoglet

26 x 7’ - 2D / Series / Entertainment / Pre-school - 2022

Produced by Paper Owl Films, Happy the Hoglet is more than a TV show…it’s an international movement for Making Happy!

Our emotions make us who we are. Pre-school years are an emotional rollercoaster and ‘Happy’ reflects that authentically for the audience.

Through fun and humour in a world of quirky characters, this show inspires pre-schoolers with the inner strength that comes from tackling big feelings and growing positive ones!

The more we share the things that give us good feelings, the more good feelings there will be in the world.

The thing about Happy is that he doesn’t always live up to his name. On top of the normal challenges of being a pre-schooler, Happy is prickly, smelly and has fleas…so if he can make a friend, we all can!

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