1 x 28’ - 2D / Special / Family - 2020

This heart-warming film, produced by Paper Owl Films, celebrates the light that true love brings into the world. Love never dies. It can continue to light our path in the world forever, if only we can find a way to see it.

Sol is on a quest to find the light that has gone out in the world. He must hurry. If he doesn’t bring the light back, it will be the darkest night forever.

Sol’s grandmother was his everything. And she has died. The light goes out in his world. Sol is plunged into the darkness of life after her death.

In the darkness, he realises that he has become a reluctant part of this world, and he is given a quest. It’s up to him to find the light in the world and get it back. He must succeed or the world will be in darkness forever.


Drag me
  • 2021
    Sanford St. Martin Awards
    • Children's Content
  • 2022
    RTS Northern Ireland Awards
    • Children's/Animation

Fun facts!
  • 4

    Language versions produced - Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Irish and English

  • Sixty

    Cast and crew worked on the film

  • 11k

    Hours of design time went into the film

  • 7k

    Hours of animation time went into the production

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