Aardman and BBC launch experimental Doctor Who game ‘Don’t Blink’ this Halloween!

ardman and BBC today launched an experimental Doctor Who game for fans who may like to try something a little different and are brave enough to take on the Weeping Angles.

‘Doctor Who Don’t Blink’ goes live on Friday 28th of October and is an experiment for BBC Taster, designed to see whether a webcam can successfully detect eye movements and be used as a game controller.

The result is a fun experience, but not for the faint hearted, as it places the player alone in the attic of an abandoned house and the Weeping Angels are coming.  The aim of the game is to survive until the Doctor can send the TARDIS to save you.  To help, he’s rigged up your webcam to CCTV around the house so you can watch the Angels. They can only move when you’re not looking at them so, whatever you do, don’t blink!  Your webcam will detect when you blink or look away.

Aardman’s interactive team jumped at the chance to work on yet another project with BBC Taster following the success of their recent VR experience ‘We Wait’ which launched earlier this year. Finbar Hawkins, one of Aardman’s Digital Creative Directors said: “We loved the challenge that ‘Don’t Blink’ posed – using your webcam to control the game, while creating an immersive story experience within the browser. The end result is something our team is really proud of, and we’re delighted that the BBC are releasing it over Halloween. We hope everyone who plays it has a thoroughly good scare – then goes back for more!”

The ‘Doctor Who Don’t Blink’ experience is a short, fun, shareable mini-game available to play in desktop browsers on the BBC Taster website from today.  Play, rate and share with your friends. This pilot is available on Chrome 48.x, Firefox 43.x, Windows 10 Edge on desktop only.

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