Aardman and Deki present the story of ‘Brigitte, Bruno and Ben’

ardman Animations and Bristol Charity ‘Deki’ have released a special 70 second film entitled ‘Brigitte, Bruno and Ben’. The film created by the makers of Wallace & Gromit demonstrates through animation how a loan of just £10 can change the lives of an entire family in the developing world.

“Brigitte, Bruno and Ben” tells the story of Ben in the ‘developed world’ who helps Brigitte in the ‘developing world’ by directly lending her just £10 through the website Deki.org.uk. Previously Brigitte struggled to feed her family on less than 80p a day.

Deki is a Bristol microfinance charity that provides ethical loans and business training to people in the developing world enabling them to work their way out of poverty. Deki believes everybody should have the opportunity to earn a living to support themselves and their families.

Deki connects individual lenders in the UK (and overseas) and gives them the opportunity to lend from as little as £10 to a chosen entrepreneur. With an average loan of around £200 several people will lend to each entrepreneur. The website displays pictures and profiles of entrepreneurs who want to borrow money to set up or expand small businesses.

Dog and BenWeb

100% of all money lent goes directly to entrepreneurs, and lenders are paid back over 12 months – the money can then be withdrawn or relent to another entrepreneur. Even a small initial investment can help a number of people raise themselves out of poverty. Deki currently works in Malawi, South Sudan and Ghana.

Nick Park of Aardman, who is also a Deki Patron said, “It is a great privilege to work alongside Deki to help promote their worthwhile fundraising campaign. Lucy Izzard has done a beautiful job of telling the Deki story in a simple and engaging way that I hope will encourage people to support the work that Deki do so well.”

To celebrate the launch of the film a competition has been launched to win a personalised, signed Nick Park picture!

Just watch the film and enter your email address to be placed into a prize draw for this one of a kind prize.


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