Aardman and Google ATAP's Spotlight Stories debut their first original short

ardman Animations and Google ATAP’s Spotlight Stories have debut their first original short to YouTube today, a holiday film called “Special Delivery,” viewable on the YouTube app on many Android devices.

“Special Delivery” was directed by Aardman director Tim Ruffle and follows the adventures of a humble caretaker, disturbed by a mysterious rooftop stranger who is always one step ahead…leaving behind a trail of gifts.

Google Spotlight Stories is a new form of storytelling made specifically for mobile and VR. In these 360-degree, interactive stories, your phone becomes a window to a world all around you. The sensors on your phone allow the story to be interactive; when you move your phone to various scenes, you are able to unlock mini-stories within the story.

We didn’t want anyone to miss our “Pink Panther”-style holiday caper! So Google also made a YouTube 360 version for other Android devices, iOS devices, and the web. You can find both versions of “Special Delivery” on the Spotlight Stories YouTube channel, and you can also watch with Google Cardboard. Next year, we’ll bring Google Spotlight Stories to more Android devices and the YouTube iOS app.

You’ll want to watch “Special Delivery” a few times to find all the surprises within the story. In the full interactive experience, you’ll encounter 10 subplots, three potential ways to view the ending, and 60+ moments where you can decide to follow the story in different ways. Each viewing is unique. We don’t want to spoil the ending, so that’s all we’ll say for now…

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