Aardman and the IPO inject fun into learning with new Business Studies game

Today Aardman and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) have launched ‘Business Battle’, a novel and engaging multiplayer game, made specifically for the classroom, that helps education professionals explain the fundamentals of the Business Studies curriculum to their students.

The free resource teaches the core principles of manufacturing a product, releasing it into a potentially crowded market and maintaining interest and profitability of the product with savvy marketing and strategic plays. Inspired by classic board games such as Monopoly™, Risk™ and Battleships™, groups battle to achieve the highest market share, a strong portfolio of intellectual property and make the most profit!

Gamifying the business world allows students to experience first-hand how exciting, rewarding and challenging having their own company can be; it allows them a holistic view of the process in a way that only a game can achieve. The mechanics and scoring system in the game help reinforce profit, loss and the business mind set; pitching students against their contemporaries to achieve high-scoring results.

Aardman and the IPO wanted to create a tool that would help students navigate the business world with a dedicated game built specifically around the curriculum that delivers interesting facts, relevant case studies, discussion points along with classroom and homework activities.  The user interface has a cool graphic style, designed to appeal to the core audience of key stage 4 pupils.
Neil Pymer, Digital Creative Lead, Aardman said: ‘It’s surprising to imagine that some people think business is dry; the business world is bursting with drama, company CEO’s are the new rock stars and creating successful ideas that sell is hugely rewarding.  We wanted to create a game that gives students a taste of that world whilst also delivering a fundamental understanding of the curriculum, boosting business acumen and highlighting the importance of protecting your business ideas.  We worked directly with teachers and students throughout development to ensure it worked within the limitations of tech in schools, that it was practical, fun, and offers genuine support for teachers to inspire the business stars of the future’.

Lawrence Smith-Higgins, Head of Education at the UK Intellectual Property Office, adds: “Business Battle brings the core principles of manufacturing, marketing, and profitability to the classroom. Business success is underpinned by the strategic application of intellectual property (IP).
“A basic understanding of IP is a key life skill for those leaving school or university to take up careers or start businesses that depend upon inventiveness and creativity. For the Intellectual Property Office, ensuring that the next generation is equipped with the knowledge it needs to succeed in a competitive world is a key priority within our wider outreach work to build IP awareness.”

Find out more about how to use Business Battle in the classroom here.

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