Aardman create interactive film Pigby’s Tales for NatWest

 Aardman and NatWest recently launched ’Pigby’s Tales’, a brand new interactive video series designed to educate kids about the value and importance of saving. It’s the newest addition to Pigby & Friends characters that were launched in 2013 to help kids learn to save the fun way as part of NatWest children’s savings account.

‘’Pigby’s Tales is our latest Pigby savings adventure designed to help parents engage their children in the principles of saving. We’ve worked closely with Aardman animations to deliver a piece of innovative interactive digital content that we hope kids (and their parents) will love. Neil Gardner, Senior Marketing Manager for NatWest Savings

Aardman teamed up with interactive partner RAPT to produce the fun and educational “choose your own adventure” video series, designed to simultaneously entertain and educate children through a gamified finance lesson in the vivid, engaging world of Pigby & Friends. The interactive content enables youngsters to follow Pigby and his friend Buzz through a series of different narrative choices and delivers a clear message about making smart financial decisions in an age appropriate way.


“As an animation studio we are fortunate that today’s fast changing digital landscape enables us to explore new ways to tell our stories. The rise of interactive-video technology means that non-linear, participatory storytelling is rapidly becoming the new-normal, especially for digitally native children. The creation of Pigby’s Tales has been a really exciting opportunity for us to work with NatWest in a new way – exploring how this technology can be used to inform and educate, whilst entertaining the viewers.” Laura Chilcott, Senior Digital Producer, Aardman.

In December 2013, Aardman and NatWest launched, Pigby’s Fair, a free-to-download app which aims to help children learn about saving money through a fictional scenario of running a stand in a fairground. Download Pigby’s Fair.

Find out more about Pigby & Friends and saving the fun way at Pigby World

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