Aardman go Full Steam Ahead for Brunel’s ss Great Britain

Brunel’s ss Great Britain, the Science Museum and Aardman have joined forces to create an interactive experience that aims to encourage children to engage with the culture and work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Aardman Animations were briefed by Brunel’s ss Great Britain to create a game that pupils can play in the classroom and at home with their families.  ‘Full Steam Ahead’ has been designed to teach pupils that Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s determination and resilience to persevere, solve problems and learn from mistakes helped him succeed.

The game takes the player through a series of ship building challenges, based on those that Brunel faced throughout his career. Successfully completing the challenges earns the player more money and stars so they can buy extra parts (engines, propellers, sails, coal and paddles); eventually resulting in the ‘ultimate ship’ that can cut through rough seas, carry more cargo, go the furthest distance and destroy opponents in tug-of-war battles.

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