Aardman & Science Museum Group bring objects to life with Treasure Hunters app

The Science Museum Group has teamed up with Aardman, creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and new movie Early Man, to develop new free interactive smartphone app – Treasure Hunters.

Launching today, the app created by Aardman’s interactive division, will encourage visitors to explore the Group’s museum displays from a fresh perspective and build understanding of how science impacts our everyday lives.

Treasure Hunters will enable learning through play to help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians. By capturing the fun experience of gaming and competing with friends Treasure Hunters will take visitors on a unique tour of the museum.

Treasure Hunters can be played solo or in teams at any Science Museum Group location. Players compete by responding to challenges posed by the app. Treasure Hunters asks the players fun questions that they can answer by taking a photo of an object in the museum. Other players award points based on how well they feel the picture answers the question with players taking it in turns to share the mobile or tablet to take their pictures.

Each round a new question is posed and the players search for new objects to win points against each other and be crowned the winner. Players can also band together to answer challenges as a group and win badges or play solo and be awarded badges for progress.

Treasure Hunters is perfect for families looking for a new activity to add a sense of adventure to their museum visit and is recommended for children 5 and above. The app will give players the confidence to not only explore galleries further, but to discover interesting and unusual objects, as well as the stories behind them.

Science Museum Group Director of Learning Susan Raikes said: “The Science Museum Group is committed to igniting curiosity and inspiring everyone to enjoy and engage with science. Working with Aardman Interactivewe’ve created an app that will help to realise that ambition. We know that when scientific principles are presented in interactive formats that are applicable to everyday life visitors feel more engaged and receptive to learning. Treasure Hunters offers a fresh, fun way to explore galleries, discover objects and build a relationship with our diverse collection using technology.”

Treasure Hunters will be available from the App store and is free to download. Treasure Hunters can also be used beyond the Science Museum Group venues to encourage engagement with science and to help build science capital. It will also be available across iOS and Android on mobile and tablet devices. Treasure Hunters is recommended for ages 5+.

Hannah Jones, Interactive Producer at Aardman added: “We wanted to develop an experience that actively inspired visitors to explore the museum and the world around them, encouraging people to really think about and question the objects they discover. By mixing in a little friendly competition we hope to promote discussion and debate that leads to even deeper engagement, understanding and of course fun!”

You can download the app on iOS and Android now

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