Published 6th October 2023

Adventures of ArachnoFly launches on YouTube

Aardman is buzzing to announce Adventures of ArachnoFly, a 2D animated spin-off of the studio’s popular CGI Lloyd of the Flies series which premieres today on YouTube.

Is it a fly? Is it a spider? No, it’s the half-fly half-spider comicbook hero known as ArachnoFly! Adventures of ArachnoFly follows the exploits of Lloyd’s favourite comicbook hero as he patrols Cereal City looking for crime to stop or prevent. Each episode delves into an issue of the ArachnoFly comic as read and interpreted by Lloyd, Abacus, and sometimes PB (if Lloyd will let her). With Lloyd filling the role of ArachnoFly, Abacus providing his own spin on evil nemesis Bird-Bee, and PB drawing herself in as wannabe sidekick Pea-Bean, the adventures are a silly meta mix of the witty dialogue and slapstick comedy of Lloyd of the Flies with playful breaking of the fourth wall and amplified absurdity.

ArachnoFly is voiced by Lloyd (Tom Rosenthal, ‘Friday Night Dinner’, ‘Plebs’) Bird-Bee is voice by Abacus (Alex Lawther, ‘The End of the F***ing World’, ‘Black Mirror’) and Pea-Bean is voiced by PB (Lauren Patel, ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’).

Adventures of ArachnoFly is created and written by Matthew Walker, who also created Lloyd of the Flies, and is directed by Lloyd of the Flies Co-Director Jane Davies.

Adventures of ArachnoFly will premieres today with a double bill of ‘In a Jam’ and ‘Being Biggoant’. There are 16 x four-minute episodes in the series, with double bill episodes released each week as well as being available for multiple digital platforms alongside Aardman’s traditional broadcast partners.

Laura Taylor-Williams, Head of Digital at Aardman, said:

“We’re so excited to launch this digital-first spin-off of Lloyd of the Flies. We know that YouTube is a leading platform for our core audience of 7–11-year-olds. Creating and releasing a digital-first series allows us to engage our young fans where they already are, with no limitations on distribution, and to build a mass, global following for this brilliant Aardman brand. Matt Walker is an outstanding up-and-coming animation talent with such a natural feel for the things that are going to make kids laugh, and we’re thrilled to be expanding the Lloyd of the Flies universe in this way.”

Matthew Walker, Creator of Lloyd of the Flies and Adventures of ArachnoFly, said:

“As Shaun the Sheep once spun off from Wallace & Gromit, it has been exciting to continue Aardman’s fine tradition of spin-off shows with Adventures of ArachnoFly. It was a lot of fun expanding on this world-within-a-world and bringing Lloyd, Abacus and PB’s unique interpretation of ArachnoFly’s adventures to life with plenty of silly action and breaking of the fourth wall that I hope kids will love.”

Adventures of ArachnoFly follows the launch of Buggin’ Out!, the official Roblox experience by Aardman based on Lloyd of the Flies. In Buggin’ Out!, players shrink down to ‘fly size’ to explore Lloyd’s world and earn crumbs by helping Lloyd find his missing maggot siblings (of which there are 224…).

Watch the first episodes of Adventures of ArachnoFly here.