Vanish advert behind the scenes

Behind the scenes with Aardman and Vanish

In our latest campaign, we partnered with stain removal experts Vanish to produce an advert for its Gold Crystal White product, bringing a contemporary look to the distinctive brand.

In this behind the scenes film, Will Studd, director at Aardman, explains how frames were cut from a live action recording to give the advert an animated effect – a first for Vanish:

After the production, all of the clothes used on set were washed then donated to give them a new lease of life.

Aardman is known for the creative minds responsible for producing some of the UK’s most popular commercials and has created recognisable campaigns synonymous with global brands such as Serta, Change4Life and PayPal.

Aardman’s partner content division produces a wide variety of content and interactive experiences for high profile brands and leading organisations for a global market.  To date, the studios third party output has predominantly been for the UK, US and Canada but in recent years the division have been working on campaigns for Germany, Sweden, Australia and now China.

Watch the full advert here.

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