Aardlife - Trying my hand at Life Drawing

When I received an email from Aardman Academy inviting us to a (free!) Life Drawing Course the first thing I thought was “Right, you won’t get selected, so don’t get too excited”, as I am rather unlucky with draws, lotteries and the like. Surely you can imagine my surprise when I read, “Your name has been drawn from the hat!” (Quite like Harry in the Tri-Wizard Tournament!).

Yet another thing to add to the growing list of why I love working at Aardman! But on a truly personal level the chance to finally experience something I had always wanted to do, and never had the courage to, having never thought of myself as an artist, convinced I was unable to create something out of nothing.

Little did I know life drawing is a bit like anything else in life – some things you do because you enjoy them (and know you will do them well, let’s be honest), some you try even if hesitantly, and some you never undertake for the fear of underperforming. And funny enough most of the times with the latter you find out you actually immensely enjoyed the experience (even if the results were not always excessively encouraging!).

From minute one I felt like entering a parallel dimension, one where stress and deadlines hadn’t even been conceived by the human mind; a space of my own where the only thing I had to do was disconnect and appreciate the experience. What a joy, to be able to bring a stop to my train of thought, breathe and share a creative environs with my colleagues, truly relish the drawing itself and come out refreshed and full of beans for more – yes, even more work!

True, the drawings from some of the more artistically-inclined colleagues at first sent a pang of jealousy, but very soon that turned into encouragement, when I realised the end result did not really matter that much, and that it was rather all in the experience itself. Also, a great opportunity to check out the creative talent at the workplace and why not, even socialise a bit with people from other departments, which never goes amiss.

I could go on for quite a bit listing all the great things I took from the course, but suffice to say my name will be in the hat if there’s another course on the horizon!

Aardman Academy worked with Sara Easby to devise short taught courses for the Aardman professional community. Find out more about courses for students, professionals and lecturers via the website.

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