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I’m Edo, Freelance Designer and Animator from Italy. I came across this first remote class by the Aardman Academy and I decided to jump right in. I’m a long time fan of Aardman, I had the pleasure of visiting the Studios back in 2016 and wanted to join one of its classes for a long time… at least this pesky virus has pushed people connecting more and allowed new possibilities to students around the world.

I’ve always been keen to learn more about the work of a storyboarder in large animated productions; I feel it’s a job that involves great creativity and responsibilities. Also, in smaller animation jobs I’m usually hired for, such as ads or explainer films, having solid storyboarding skills can help heavily.

Sam Horton definitely helped me brushing up those skills, sharing a lot of cool insights on his daily job as well as on editing, directing and techniques on translating from script to visuals. The review of our homework was brilliant and extremely insightful.

This is not my first animation class, as an animator, I keep learning and updating my knowledge, but it was the first time I got to know the storyboarding workflow that closely and it was very informative.

I’m not really considering a career change but I will surely now want to dig deeper in storyboarding and make it a crucial big part of both my freelance and personal projects.

Looking forward to being with Aardman again, online or “live”!

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