Is VR here to stay? Here are 5 things we have learnt about creating stories in VR

Respected forecasters CC Insights ‘..expects global sales of Smartphone VR headsets to grow fivefold from 2017 to $70 million by 2021’ and that ‘Sales of dedicated VR headsets to grow to 22 million units by 2021 — an 800 percent increase over 2017. Market to be worth $7.7 billion by 2021’.

It’s no secret that consumer uptake on VR Headsets is slower than expected and that price is the far and away the number one factor making it inaccessible to the vast majority. In recent days we have seen price drops from both Oculus and HTC as they gear up for the Christmas market, however, the other main reason often cited is the lack of compelling content.

Here are 5 things we have learnt about creating stories in VR and how we can help brands to fully engage the hearts and minds of their audiences.


There must be a clear shared vision between partners and communications must be candid, honest and respectful.


Wearing a headset will become secondary if audiences are fully committed emotionally. People should say ‘Wow I love this!’ rather than ‘Wow isn’t this clever!’


Directors and Writers need to get into a theatre mindset and relinquish some control of traditional film making techniques like, order of looking at the shots, cutting to close ups and to a certain extent pace of the action.


There are still technical limitations which affect both the design of the piece and the ability for direct interactions between the viewer and the characters.


Employ big brains who can easily learn new software, create workarounds and can communicate easily across the creative/technical divide.




Heather Wright is Executive Producer and Head of Partner Content at Aardman

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