It’s about time… or lack of it

I’ve created a lot of super-short films in the past – stings, titles, idents etc and I’ve been fortunate to have had ample free reign on the briefs.

This is great for going to town on creating impactful visuals but I’m always mindful that it’s also an opportunity to forge a story in very limited time. For me, this is great working practice, to find a thread of narrative that makes sense in less than 15 seconds or so. Not only does it help to keep up the film’s energy but it hopefully makes the viewer hungry to go back for more.

This was the aim with ‘BeeBalls’ – to create something short, snappy and hopefully memorable. In the age of rapid-fire-eye-candy, it’s even more important to push and stand out from the crowd.

Part of the brief was to produce a fifteen second sting (a seamless fit for Instagram). This obviously means there’s limited time to establish characters, world and to tell a story. It took quite a bit of graft to get the balance right in storyboarding and editing to make the gags and timing work, but hopefully the piece goes to show that you can create rich, humorous stories in restricted time… just don’t blink!

Some of my shorts tend to be a slant on reality, and so BeeBalls was basically a twist on the quintessential image of beekeeping. I loved the idea of mixing a naturalistic setting with some completely irreverent characters to give it some contrast.  It really is a bit of nonsense to depict the relationship between beekeepers and bees. Why are the bees blue, orange and cubed? Why do they fire globular balls out of their behinds? Why not. It’s animation.

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