Nici - one of the most famous plush companies in Germany - and Aardman have worked together for over 10 years to create a high quality and cute collection of plush toys and gifts for Shaun the Sheep.

Each year, we collaborate on a new collection that reflects current trends but maintains a classic feel. In some cases, designs are based on current market activity for Shaun the Sheep, such as movie releases or new content, and other times Nici have the creative freedom to develop a range that appeals to their target audience. In all cases, we work together from design concept to market entry, to create products that will delight all of our fans. Nici products are sold in key market territories, including Europe, Japan and China.


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Jess Houston

Senior Manager – Publishing and Product Development

Jess manages Aardman’s publishing and soft line product categories, working with international agents and UK licensees to create and develop product ranges to complement and grow our brands.