Perfecting your model making portfolio with George Watson via Zoom - Wednesday 18th November

18th Nov 2020

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Course Details

In this one day course, tutor George Watson shares advice on how to perfect a model making portfolio and stand out to employers in the animation industry. Cost: £100 plus VAT


In an increasingly competitive industry, a portfolio is an essential tool to help model makers gain employment in the field of animation. University students are often taught about portfolios and presenting themselves to prospective employers, however the information they are given can sometimes be dated and isn’t always tailored to the individual’s strengths.

In this day course, George will give participants advice on what employers are looking for and will advise as to what individuals can do to make themselves stand out and become more employable.

Participants will be asked to send copies or links to their current portfolios (if they have them) a week before the course and notes will be made on what could be improved on and why. During the course there will be discussions on each other’s work as a group and George will offer helpful and constructive advice and feedback as to how to make the best of their portfolio.

Alumni of the course can access a Facebook page after the day to stay up to date with opportunities and connect with fellow alumni.


The day runs from 9.30am GMT to 5.30pm GMT

After introductions, the students will take it in turns to discuss and show the elements of their portfolio and online images. During this time advice and feedback will be given. A question and answer section will follow in which participants can ask George and the rest of the group any questions they may have regarding the subject. The afternoon will consist of George advising the participants as a group on techniques they can employ and what they can do to make their approach more unique and interesting to a potential employer. The intention being that everyone involved will come away with a much clearer idea of how to move forward and will have formed an arsenal of useful hints and ideas that they can implement in order for them to have the best chance of gaining employment.

Who is it for?

This day course is designed for anyone with an existing portfolio – ideally – who is trying to get into the model making industry. It will be particularly helpful for those who have been trying for a while without success because they have been going about their approach in the wrong way.

Drawing and model making skills are required in order for the participants to get the most out the day.


£100 per person plus VAT @ 20% = £120


This course will be run via Zoom so participants can work from home. An invite will be sent out on the day.


Participants will need to send their up to date portfolio out the week before the course in order for George to give them one on one feedback.


George Watson


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