Morph makes Snapchat debut at Bristol Harbourside Festival

ardman and local digital agency Activation have teamed up to bring classic clay character Morph to Snapchat for a special appearance at this year’s Bristol Harbour Festival, one of the UK’s biggest public festivals attracting over 250,000 visitors.

Visitors to the festival can snap a selfie on Snapchat with the Bristol-born legend, and enter a promotion via Snapchat to win a bespoke, one-off ‘Pirate Morph’ model, created by Aardman’s expert model makers.

From the 15th to the 17th of July Snapchatters in the Bristol Harbourside area – the home of Morph – will be able to add a ‘Pirate Morph’ geofilter to their Snaps. Those that send their snap directly to @PirateMorphComp via Snapchat will also be entered into a competition to win their own exclusive, bespoke, one-off ‘Pirate Morph’ model created by Aardman specially for the Harbour Festival.

Snapchat Morph poster

Katie McQuin-Roberts, Online Community Manager at Aardman said “2016 marks Aardman’s 40th anniversary and a perfect time for Morph to make his debut Harbour Festival appearance.  Morph is no stranger to being in the limelight so it seems very appropriate for him to be on Snapchat!   We’re so excited to see everyone’s selfies over what is set to be a great weekend”

Dan Hirons, Creative Director at Activation – the Bristol-based company that developed the activity – added “The combination of Morph, Snapchat, and the 250,000 visitors to the Bristol Harbour festival was an opportunity too good to miss.

Snapchat is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media channels and generates 10 billion video views a day.  Both ourselves and Aardman are excited to explore how this new technology might be used to digitally activate events.  By ‘geofencing’ key areas around Bristol harbour on the days of the festival, users will be able to add the Morph geofilter to their selfies and share with their friends.

The promotional element gives people another reason to get involved!”

To get your selfie with Pirate Morph, simply add @PirateMorphComp to your Snapchat contacts, snap a selfie, then swipe through the filters till you discover him! To enter the competition to win the Pirate Morph model, send your snap to @PirateMorphComp on Snapchat. The 1 main winner and 5 runners up will be picked at random from all entries received.

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