Pop Paper City

Aardman appointed as distribution partner for preschool property, Pop Paper City

Aardman’s International Sales and Acquisitions arm has been appointed as distribution partner for Bournemouth based LoveLove Films’ exciting new preschool craft adventure series, Pop Paper City. The 3D series, aimed at children aged 4-6 focuses on a group of unique friends who live in the capital of a stunning and endlessly peculiar paper world.

Each 7 minute episode sees the characters in Pop Paper City find a new way to have fun together by creating new parts of their already impressive world. To encourage the children watching at home to create their own crafts, the character ‘Grown Up’ plays an integral part in Pop Paper City. ‘Grown Up’ takes the form of a real hand, reaching into the frame to interact with the 3D world, helping the characters to get crafty, encouraging ‘doing as well as viewing’.

As ‘Grown Up’ helps the characters, they narrate to the viewers what they will need to do in order to create similar objects easily.

Georgina Hurcombe MD and Producer of LoveLove Films says: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Aardman on-board as a distribution partner for Pop Paper City.  We share a similar ethos, with a passion of encouraging children to use their hands and get artistic, something that Pop Paper City advocates strongly. With Aardman’s incredible team handling Pop Paper City’s distribution, we’re excited to be one step closer to bringing the series’ delightful characters, vibrant world and exciting craft adventures to children across the globe.”

Robin Gladman, Senior Distribution and Acquisitions Manager at Aardman comments: “The LoveLove team have done a great job developing something fresh and exciting for the preschool space.  Pop Paper City is a beautifully designed show, full of charm, comedy and creative inspiration, all values we share at Aardman… We think kids are going to love it.”

Pop Paper City is seeking broadcast partners with scripts, storyboard, animatic and animation test available.

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