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Aardman Rights and Brand Development is renowned for developing and building enduring character brands across all media. They specialise in marketing and realising the commercial potential of their properties in a way that celebrates and respects their creative values.

With a team of 21 employees across four integrated divisions; Licensing and Publishing; Product Development; TV/DVD and Digital Sales; Brand Marketing and Live Events, all based within the Aardman’s studios in Bristol.

Licensing Our Characters

For more info contact:
+44 (0) 117 9848485

The Aardman character portfolio is available for licensing across merchandise, advertising or promotional campaigns, live events and exhibitions.

Our Brand Marketing and Licensing teams will offer effective and comprehensive expertise to add value to any product or brand campaign.

Rights Distribution

For more info contact:
+44 (0) 117 9848485

Aardman offer a full service TV, DVD, Digital, Publishing and Licensing distribution operation specialising in marketing of Aardman IP and 3rd party properties.

Attractions & Live Experiences

For more info contact:
+44 (0) 117 9848485

The Attractions & Live Experiences department specialises in creating immersive experiences which appeal and engage with the whole family. Working with our partners around the world we use the studios’ multi-award winning characters, and wealth of creative talent to bring unique story lines and interactive experiences to life. Combining entertainment and education across our attractions and events is integral, as well as supporting and promoting our brands’ values and increasing awareness on a global scale, whilst simultaneously and proudly upholding Aardman’s renowned production quality.

Seeking Distribution?

If you are a brand owner seeking distribution for your content please contact our sales team for  an introduction to our services.

Images & Clips

If you are interested in licensing an image or clip featuring Aardman content or characters please contact the licensing team for details.

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