Samuel L. Jackson Share The Orange

Aardman and Samuel L. Jackson help Alzheimer’s Research UK #ShareTheOrange

Aardman has once again partnered with Alzheimer’s Research UK on its #ShareTheOrange campaign, producing a short film starring Samuel L. Jackson which aims to fight the serious misconception that dementia is an inevitability of old age.

The spot, directed by Magdalena Osinska, blends CGI animation with live action and powerful messaging to call on the public to change the conversation around the disease.

Tim Parry, Director of Communications & Brand at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said:
“We needed to make a statement with this campaign – dementia as an issue deserves nothing less. Dementia is both the most feared condition in the UK and the one people believe is our biggest medical challenge. But it’s also one that is misunderstood and considered inevitable.

“First and foremost, our campaign aims to challenge this perception. Research can make breatkthroughs in dementia, and we have to hit this home. But entrenched misunderstanding has existed for generations, so we have to take a bold and creative approach to overturn it, and this is exactly what we’ve done with #ShareTheOrange.”

Magdalena Osinska, director at Aardman comments:
“We wanted the latest #ShareTheOrange concept to feel even bigger and more ambitious than its previous films. The metaphor of the brain and the orange is elevated by depicting the brain as a tree – its branches and fruit representing neurons, nerves and memories.

“Moments from the life of our main character are projected onto individual oranges, which illustrate the faculties of the brain for creativity, curiosity and capacity to learn. We then zoom out to show how all the cells work together to unlock our potential and ability to achieve amazing things. It’s about the potential of the brain.

“Having Samuel L Jackson on board was incredible as it elevated the film to new heights. His involvement will encourage greater reach of this extremely important message.”

Now in its third chapter, the award-winning #ShareTheOrange campaign debuted in 2016 with backing from former Doctor Who star Christopher Eccleston, and was supported last year by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. All three films have been produced by Aardman.

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