Watch Visualise This, an entertaining new short from Aardman

ardman have today released a fun and visually eclectic short film that takes a light hearted look at those conference call meetings with clients.

You know the ones that seem to go around in circles and you come away being even less clear on the brief than when you began?

Aardman director and designer Danny Capozzi tapped into that frustration and made it the narrative for his latest short film ‘Visualise This’.

“I really wanted to create a piece that captured the humour and absurdity in some of those creative briefing calls and could showcase the different disciplines I’ve learnt during my time at Aardman, as well as my passions and influences in street culture.” said Capozzi, “It was whilst on one of these calls when the lightning bolt hit me – to merge the spit balling and often circular nature of a call, with a scatter gunning of eye candy visuals!  Aardman were totally behind the idea and with their full support we created a really striking film.”

The conversation on the call forms the soundtrack to the film and throughout the call we can hear the voice of the Director trying to remain positive, enthusiastic and polite.  We know that our ad agency friends are often on the receiving end of such briefings from clients and that the messages just keep rolling down the hill until they reach us at the end of the food chain.  The narrative lent itself perfectly to showcasing a vast range of skills and techniques, from live action, to CGI and 2D animation, to stop motion and visual effects.  The result is a three minute visual frenzy with a good dose of irony and tongue in cheek comedy.

The studio is focussed on developing their diverse stable of directors with opportunities to create short films for different kinds of audiences, with a key objective of pushing the boundaries with innovative storytelling and developing new visual styles, working with their incredible team of artists from all over the world.

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