5G Roman Baths Augmented Reality App

Client BBC

The BBC R&D team, in partnership with Bristol University and the Roman Baths, commissioned Aardman to provide the creative assets for an app that aims to demonstrate how 5G networks can underpin high-value experiences, benefit the visitor economy and stimulate creative, high tech industries.

The app allows visitors to view the history of the Roman Baths through a ‘Magic Window’ where users hold up their device to see an augmented view that maps their real world location within the Baths. Aardman created 3D modelled scenes to bring three distinct eras of the Roman Bath’s history to life, from the mythical story of King Bladud who discovered the Sacred springs in Celtic times, through to the Roman decay and onto the Victorian excavation and reconstruction of the baths which is much as you see the baths today.

The app runs through a 5G testbed provisioned by the 5G Smart Tourism project, which is a mix of the latest 5G radio and network technologies, capable of delivering high throughput and ultra-low latency to a large number of end users in densely populated areas such as the Roman Baths and was demo’ d by visitors to the baths whose feedback on their experience was shared with and reported by the BBC R&D team.

The project aims to prove the viability of running other similar applications over 5G to support the UK’s ambition to be a 5G leader.

Read more about the project here.

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