BBC Bitesize - The Charge of the Light Brigade

Client BBC


Make an interactive video pilot for ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ that was engaging and innovative, so the BBC could user test and gather data for potential new types of learning in Bitesize.


We created an HTML5 interactive video composed of three distinct layers. The bottom layer is an animation designed to wow audiences; engagement was specified as the main measure of success for this project. The next layer is a Flash animation layer (exported with CreateJS) which parallaxed with the video layer to add a sense of depth. The top layer is the learning content and UI, all in the HTML DOM so it loads quickly and is screen readable for those with visual impairments.

The full interactive video and all of the content within it was created with the support of an educational consultant – ensuring that curriculum needs were met and the activity was appropriate for the audience.


The pilot was very successful with audiences, and the research data gathered is being used to shape the next generation of BBC Bitesize interactives.

The interactive is not currently available online, but you can watch the full animation here.

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