Clonky Wonky Shelf Game

Client CBeebies


Create a game for the CBeebies preschool TV series ‘Show Me Show Me’ featuring stories and a collection of lovable toys following the success of the first suite of games we developed for the show.


‘Clonky Wonky Shelf’ a Flash game featuring TV show’s hosts ‘Socks and Stripes’. Children fill the wonky shelves with toys from the toy box. Once the shelves have been filled the child can release the ball. As it rolls along the shelves each toy animates and makes its own fun noise!

A lot of effort was put into the game development to ensure it was easy for the pre-school audience to play. This included helpful written instructions with a narration, and also video instructions when users click ‘Play’. There are also plenty of audio prompts in case players get stuck, and an auto fill option which fills the shelves up nice and quickly!


The games popularity with preschoolers led to Aardman being commissioned to create a further game, ‘Find and Create’ which enabled children to interact with the show on mobile and table devices for the first time.

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