Cupcakes of Doom Game

Client Cartoon Network


Create an online game to support the US TV series The Regular Show with the potential to be converted for mobile at a later date.


Immersing ourselves in the mental yet hilarious world of Mordecai – a six-foot-tall blue jay and his best friend Rigby – a hyperactive raccoon we created an endless runner style game. The game sees Mordecai and Rigby riding on the shoulders of their friend Skips to catch up with the evil Klorgbane to retrieve the ‘Milk of Redemption’, the only antidote to the poisoned ‘Cupcakes of Doom’ which have corrupted all of the usually docile Guardians of Eternal Youth. We developed in Unity so that the game can easily be converted to mobile at a later date.


We had a lot of great feedback from kids on the Cartoon Network website:
“This is the best game I ever played” – Sassy Amy Jingles
“Best game ever cartoon network a little hard. Ooo it makes me want to wiggle.” – Dizzy Leo Iceberg

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