Doctor Who Game Maker

Client BBC

As part of the BBC’s Make it Digital season, the Doctor Who Game Maker allows fans to manipulate the universe of Doctor Who like never before, creating their own adventures in time & space. Using a huge range of heroes, monsters and worlds visited by the Doctor, fans can quickly & simply create their own games, building levels up from ‘clever’ objects, a kind of game making Lego kit. From the simple start the tool expands with powerful potential, each object configurable, adjustable and ultimately ‘codable’.

The product combines the hugely popular themes of Doctor Who and Gaming to inspire a wide audience to unleash their own digital creativity, exposing them to processes and techniques used throughout real game design, game production and the algorithmic thinking that underpins the digital industry.

With such a wide potential audience the tool strives to support a range of usage – starting from a simple level builder – through to deep mastery, allowing fully customizable multi-level epic creations.

Creators can make at the ‘speed of thought’, sketching out ideas as they imagine them. They can test and iterate these ideas, and share and challenge friends, the BBC team and the wider ‘ maker’ community.


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