Dr Who - Don't Blink

Client BBC

WE WERE commissioned to…

Create a scary new Doctor Who game for BBC Taster – the BBC’s experimental home on the web. It needed to be fun, short and shareable – oh, and give you a scare or two!

The BBC wanted something compelling for the Doctor Who brand, while also experimenting with face recognition technology – visitors would need to use a webcam to play the game.

so we created…

‘Don’t Blink’ – a short, sharp shock, starring those terrifying monsters from the quantum realm, ‘The Weeping Angels’. You’re trapped in an attic, monitoring CCTV to rooms around a creepy old house. Every flash of a sensor might be something going bump in the night, or an Angel getting closer and closer… and the only way to stop them is by not blinking!

Hold on, the Tardis is coming – but if an Angel gets you, you’ll be sent back in time forever!

‘Don’t Blink’ launched as a chilling and fun Halloween experience and has been rated 678 times to date with an average score of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Play Don’t Blink here

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