We were asked to:

Create a game to support the biomedical science objects and their interpretations, which are displayed across ten new galleries at National Museum of Scotland. Funded by the Wellcome Trust – the brief from National Museum of Scotland was to create a new game which enables people to explore the impact of biomedicine on their everyday lives in an intriguing and compelling new way.

 So we made:

Gen! A truly unique game made in HTML5 featuring a new loveable character – the very sickly ‘blob’ Gen. At the start of the game you are tasked with looking after your very first Gen – however it keeps getting sick! You must choose the best biomedical objects to diagnose and treat it’s ailments in order to progress to the next round. Survive enough rounds with your Gen and it will reproduce!

The more you progress through your Gen’s generations the more you learn about biomedical objects. Logging in allows you to store all of your collected facts about the objects, and there are special codes to unlock secret game features, as well as achievements to earn along the way.

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