Hero Squad Rapid Response Game

Client CBBC


Create an online game to support the launch of a new CBBC series Hero Squad which sees a group of children working with and learning from the most demanding and important teams in the UK – the Emergency and Rescue services.


Rapid Response, a fast and furious driving game where control and reaction time are just as important as speed. The player is in control of three classes of emergency vehicle as they prove their prowess as members of the Fire Service, RNLI and Her Majesty’s Coastguard. To maximise the drama and realism of the experience we worked with our in-house CGI artists to develop 3D vehicles and environments. The game is divided into a series of missions within each the wannabe hero must respond to various emergencies based on the real activities of the services, reaching them as fast as possible to improve their score.


The game’s popularity lead CBBC to commission a relaunch of the game to coincide with the release of the 2nd series. The relaunched game sees the addition of new missions and a special crisis mode and leaderboard to extend the game play  experience for existing fans and help attract a new audience to the game.

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