Partnering with Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives and the University of Bristol – we undertook a research project funded by the Digital RnD Fund for the Arts and NESTA – which set out to explore the uses for and capabilities of iBeacon technology in Arts spaces. Basing the research around Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, our key objectives for the projects were to engage users with artefacts in the museum, to encourage users to go to under-visited areas of the museum and to instigate group interaction.


An app which takes visitors on a curated trail around Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. iBeacons help users to navigate the space, driving visitors to the under explored areas in the museum and prompting the app to push out fun and socially interactive mini-games relevant to user’s location in the museum. On completing each game the user is rewarded with ‘secret’ information from the museum’s archive or curator stories about objects on display, revealing information about museum artefacts which is not usually available to the general public. The app also provides the museum with insight into user’s behaviour by tracking movement around the museum and stats on how the app is being used.

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