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Client Intellectual Property Office


Create an engaging app based on a music theme that would target the UK youth market who may currently illegally download creative works, promote knowledge of UK copyright and encourage respect for other people’s creativity, specifically within music.


A simulation game which aligns the player’s plight with the real issues of music piracy; by putting players in charge of their own stable of artists to experience first-hand the result of illegal downloads, without the message becoming overbearing.


The game was released to incredibly positive reactions and promoted on BBC, ITV, Sky, The Sun and by numerous other broadcast, print and online channels. In the first few days the game achieved over 23400+ hours of game play (975 days of game play), 55,200+ artists were bought, over 5 million songs created and 76% positive piracy choices.  The game also charted at number 10 in UK games chart in it’s category.

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