Pigby's Fair Game

Client RBS/NatWest


Create an app to promote the rebranding of RBS/NatWest’s youth savings account. The app also needed to help young people (6-8 year olds) understand the concept of saving and promote good saving behaviour.


Pigby’s Fair, a Unity developed 3D world-building game which allows children to join Pigby and his friends by getting creative and running their own stalls at the village fair. Players can run a variety of stalls selling items such as: ice-creams, sports kits, animal masks, fashion outfits and extreme sports equipment. They learn to save the fun way by setting savings targets and then depositing some of the money they earn with Pigby in his bank. If they are good savers and reach their targets they are able to unlock new stalls and play the fair’s mini games. The game  is available to download on iOS and Android.


RBS/NatWest have an attractive marketing tool, which is unique in the market, to help spearhead their campaign.  As well as promoting the youth savings account, the game also acts as a engaging learning tool which introduces young people to the concept of saving and encourages good saving behaviour.

Download on iOS

Download on Android 

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