Immersive Media

Aardman Animation’s mission statement holds the creation of characters and stories above an expertise in stop motion, in fact above any form of animation. We strive to develop plots that hold true, characters people fall in love with and adventures that are remembered for a life time.

As the interactive part of Aardman we continue to uphold this undertaking but are faced with a murky space, full of complexity, challenged by our own ignorance but excited by the potential of how storytelling will continue to evolve.

In recent years we’ve made it our mission to dive head first into this challenge and map out some of its uncertainty. The BBC’s drive through Connected Studio is exactly the kind of opportunities we hope to engage with, looking at combining new tech, with new stories to create deeper immersion.

We bring to the table a blend of experience that encompasses storytellers and gamers, script writers and coders, editors and level designers all impassioned with the singular goal of making emotional interactive content.

Jake is an experienced digital creative with wide ranging experience across the digital industry, and at Aardman he is responsible for the day-to-day creative direction of projects. From the conception through to implementation and delivery, he has been responsible for the production of hugely successful games such as the Championsheeps game series for CBBC, a featured ‘genius’ on Dick and Dom’s Appsolute Genius show, and creative director of CBBC’s hit game Escargot Escape Artistes.

An experienced Creative Producer, Ben moved into digital realms five years ago after leaving his work in policy as a founder of Positive Money. Primarily focusing on games projects and specialising in those leveraging Unity 3D, Ben is particularly interested in Virtual Reality. Whilst at Opposable Games Ben was Lead Producer on Salvaged, and designed the narrative and mechanics for the prototype of a ‘VR-noir’ Sherlock Holmes game for Oculus Rift.

Daniel Efergan is the Group Creative Director of Digital at Aardman Animations. What this actually means is he gets to spend lots of time doing fun things like making games, forming playful communities, and messing around in the murky bits between storytelling and interactivity.

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