Shaun the Sheep Fan Site

Client Aardman


Overhaul the design and build of the Shaun the Sheep fan site in order to optimise it for mobile and tablet devices, allow for localisation and bring the branding up to date with the latest Shaun the Sheep style guide.  The Shaun the Sheep fan site is a website which targets children and their families in order to provide a central hub for all the content and marketing activity happening around the Shaun the Sheep brand.


A fully responsive version of the already lively and thriving fan site that reflects the humour and quirkiness of Shaun and his flock. As previously, the site is packed full of content, activities, information and chat to entertain the broad range of fans of Shaun the Sheep. It features a wealth of videos, games, activities, community contributed content, regular competitions and blogs. The structure of this content has been modified in this update in order to place the most popular content at the heart of the user experience.

The site is available in English, German and French languages with content adapted for each of these territories with more territories being added in the future.

The site is managed by a dedicated community manager who nurtures and stimulates conversation amongst the ever growing online community of fans.


We have seen an increase in the overall volume of traffic to the website with a particular increase to the games section which has now been placed at the centre of the user experience. The website continues to provide a vital and successful home for everything to do with Shaun and his world. It has an active and devoted army of online fans which take part in all the activities, act as advocates for the brand and continue to grow year on year. It was voted winner of Best Companion Website at the Kidscreen Awards in 2012.

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