Shaun, the world’s favourite Sheep returns with a totally brand new series of rollicking misadventures.

After a summer of competing in their own sporting extravaganza, Shaun and the Flock return, along with Shaun’s best mate, the ever faithful Bitzer, the Farmer, and all the Mossybottom Farm favourites in 20 exciting new episodes.

  • Watch Shaun take to the skies in a hand glider!
  • Gasp as the Flock fight against eviction from the Barn!
  • Marvel at Bitzer’s musical talent
  • Chuckle as Shaun is attacked by a duck!
  • And snort at the Farmer’s attempt to win the county sheep dog trials! 

Life is never dull on Mossy Bottom farm. Make an appointment to view the latest shenanigans with Shaun the Sheep in the all new series 3!

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