Shaun, the world’s most famous and favourite sheep, is back in a brand new series of laugh out loud adventures.  After delighting audiences in over 100 hilarious episodes, Shaun and his friends return in another twenty thrilling adventures set on Mossybottom Farm.

Thanks to Shaun’s inquisitive nature, life is never dull on Mossybottom Farm.

  • Where’s that terrible smell coming from and how can they get rid of it? 
  • Will the Genie make Shaun’s dream come true? 
  • What will Shaun get up to with the Alien’s ray blaster?

Shaun, Bitzer & the Flock continue to delight and entertain children and family audiences all over the world, and Series 4 guarantees the opportunity to share even more thrills and raucous adventures with our friends down on the farm.  Don’t miss out on all the fun – make a date with Shaun the Sheep Series 4.

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