Something Special Out & About

Client CBeebies


Develop an online experience for the award-winning CBeebies show ‘Something Special’ featuring Mr Tumble accessible to children with a broad range of special needs and disabilities.


Something Special ‘Out and About’ a new microsite and suite of games designed to be immersive, interactive and above all accessible for children with motor and cognitive disabilities, as well as being equally entertaining for all children in the CBeebies age range.

To cater for the specific needs and abilities of all children, the experience can be completely customised via a parents’ area where the games, video and input settings can be adjusted and fine-tuned to suit the child’s requirements and then be saved in user accounts.

There are options for microphone, webcam and switch navigation through the site, as well as the ability to alter the difficulty of the games, backgrounds, cursor size, sounds and other settings that encourage children of all abilities to interact with the site.


The experience has been proven to enable children even with the most profound disabilities to find new ways of interacting and communicating with those around them in a way that is most appropriate for them and make a genuine difference to their development. The experience conformed to extremely high accessibility standards and has been implemented as a benchmark for other CBeebies projects.

The project’s success has lead to us being commissioned to produce two further games targeting this audience and utilising these standards.

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