Super Sheep Shearer

Client CBBC


Create a desktop and mobile game featuring Shaun the Sheep for the CBBC website.


Super Sheep Shearer stars Aardman favourite Shaun the Sheep and tests players’ memory skills in homage to the much-loved Street Fighter franchise. The aim of the game is to strip your opponent of their wool using the intergalactic sheep shearer.

Players can choose to play in 1 player career mode, during which they pit their wits against the best of the flock, including the mighty Jean Claude Ram Lamb on course to be crowned the Super Sheep Shearer. Alternatively, players can play against each other in 2 player mode. Shearing bouts are played out across a range of farm locations discoverable as players’ progress through the game. Extra points are awarded for performing super and special shearing combos as well as for good blocking.


The BBC gained a great addition to their growing roster of free to play online games. During the initial weeks of its release, Super Sheep Shearer regularly featured as one of the top 2 games played on the CBBC website as well as receiving a fantastic response from social audiences.


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