Sustainable Shaun

Client Bristol 2015 / European Commission

We were asked to:

Create an interactive, educational HTML5 game following the five themes of Bristol’s year as European Green Capital; Food, Resources, Energy, Nature and Transport, to encourage children (and adults!) to learn more about sustainability and the challenges of modern society.

So we made:

Sustainable Shaun, a game in which players help Shaun the Sheep build his own sustainable settlement for the strays of the city. Players must keep the strays happy by meeting their needs in the five themes by: collecting recycled materials in a fun match-three game, building and upgrading one of ten sustainable creations in a crafting game, and by planning and managing their settlement in a city building game.

As a result:

The game was initially soft-launched on 9th July 2015. Sustainable Shaun will receive its full launch in September 2015, with online leaderboards and a new ‘mission mode’ designed to be played by teachers and children in the classroom to facilitate more in depth learning about sustainability issues, while having fun with Shaun and the gang at the same time!


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