The 99 Website

Client Teshkeel Media


Design and create a fan site to serve the rapidly growing global audience for The 99, a comic book featuring a team of superheroes based on Islamic culture and religion, launched as an animated series on Cartoon Network’s ‘Toonami Channel’ across 20 countries.


An engaging community website targetting children, localised for English and Arabic and built around a WordPress platform to enable Teshkeel to easily update their content. As well as videos, character profiles and downloadable content, the website features a series of single and multi-player games and missions weaved into the website experience.

Light Runner is an infinite endurance HTML5 game which sees Jabbar the Powerful in a holographic training lab. The player has to help him avoid obstacles and collect light orbs along the way.

In order to convey the brand’s values of collaboration and teamwork, the site includes a series of multi-player games where users can enter each mission and choose to collaborate with other players online – the more the players collaborate the more quickly they can solve and complete each mission.

The site is developed in HTML5 and supports a broad range of browsers and devices to enable the content to be accessible to all users across these different territories.


The graphically rich website and multi-player missions enables the experience to capture the brand values of collaboration and positive action at the heart of The 99 brand and create a foundation upon which to build a thriving community of young fans around the new TV show.

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