The Hobbit Companion App

Client HarperCollins


Create an innovative and outstanding app for mobile devices in partnership with HarperCollins in order to take advantage of the opportunity created by the increased attention on Tolkien during the Hobbit film releases of 2013 and 2014.


The Hobbit: Official Visual Companion; an app which allows those with a casual interest in the The Hobbit to get more from the book and movies through a comprehensive 3D guide to Middle-earth.

On using the app, Hobbit fans can explore the majesty of Middle-earth with the beautifully rendered 3D map. They can traverse from Bag End to Erebor, taking in the majesty of the view from The Carrock and the depths of the Vale of Anduin.

The full Hobbit: Official Visual Companion contains:
– Over 75 in-depth articles on locations, characters, artefacts and more in Middle-earth
– A beautifully rendered 3D map of Tolkien’s world
– A quiz allowing users to put their Middle-earth knowledge to the test
– A shop containing a variety of other products to help immerse users in the world of the Hobbit

The app is currently available for iOS and Samsung devices and has been created as a ‘living product’ so users can expect regular updates with new content becoming available over the coming months.


Hobbit fans have a rich, immersive way of finding out more about Middle-earth and all of it’s locations, races, characters and objects – and they have an app which will grow and develop over its lifetime to give them more information and deeper insight into Tolkein’s world. HarperCollins have a new way to reach its Tolkein-loving audience and have a product which is easy to update in the future as a way of releasing new content to these fans.


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