From the much loved and critically acclaimed ‘Shaun the Sheep’, little lamb Timmy stars in his own TV series.  Timmy Time follows the trials and tribulations of Timmy and his furry and feathery and spikey friends at nursery school. Timmy Time is Aardman’s first pre-school series, specially created for boys, girls and animals between two and 5 years old. It combines the studio’s world-class stop motion style with the colourful simplicity of classic pre-school animation. Timmy’s nursery world is stylised, bright and colourful and the stories are presented with charm, humour and bags of fun.

Created and Produced by: Jackie Cockle, Directed by: Liz Whitaker and David Scanlon, Duration: 78 X 10 mins, Style: stop frame animation, Year: 2009 and 2011, Category: Pre-school.

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